Being a Realtor Just Got Easier.

Bambu is a one-stop solution to all of your real estate branding and marketing needs.  From the creative minds at Neue Creative, you now have one place that can help you look like the most awesome realtor in the world.

Make other Agents Jealous.

With beautiful and professional property photos for your next listing.  We offer a variety of packages & options.

Bambu Services

You, the realtor, are your Brand and everything that we offer is designed to enhance the brand and increase your awesomeness.


Only the best photographers work with us and we
give more than just a headshot.


The photos we provide for your property listing will
qualify for awards.  And hugs.


Moving images are powerful, whether of yourself
or your listings, and we do both.


You are your brand and our goal is to help
make you look awesome.


Our love and passion is design and it’ll show in
everything that we produce for you.


Marketing & Promoting yourself through social media
is key today.  Let us help guide you.

What do Pandas have to do with Real Estate?

Bamboo is one of fastest growing plants in the world and has the ability to grow over 3ft tall within 24 hours!  Its strength rivals steel and has been used as a building material for centuries.

Bamboo is special because of its root system, which allows it to withstand various weather conditions.  When conditions are perfect, it can flourish to an astounding 98 ft tall.


The market conditions for any small business, especially real estate, is always fluctuating and if you don’t have a good “root system” then you’ll fail when conditions aren’t ideal or perfect.  Our goal through Bambu is to help each agent create a strong brand with a solid root system of design and marketing that, over time, creates enough traction in the market to help sustain through any conditions.

When conditions are perfect and the core branding and marketing align, you as an agent are setup with the leverage to succeed and “grow”.  By setting up the proper core branding, not only will you have the endurance to weather “storms”, but you’ll have the longevity to carry your business to new “heights”, maybe even 98ft.


Our philosophy here at Bambu is that as a realtor, you are the brand of your small business.   Your success as an agent is a mix of industry knowledge, customer support,  and branding and marketing, and many agents spend little time and energy on the ladder.  As a realtor it’s important to never ever stop promoting and marketing yourself and history shows that consistency can produce amazing long term results.

Bambu is powered by Neue Creative, a local branding and ad agency and we pride ourselves in creating lasting brands and marketing strategies that help create solid root systems and strong foundations for small business brands & marketing.  Allow us to help you do the same and increase your awesomeness.

“You are your brand and our goal is to help make you look awesome.”

Start with a Photoshoot,
End with amazing Marketing

We start with you, the brand, and capture your awesomeness with cameras or video.  We then take those images and use them on a variety of print collateral, web ads, and social media graphics, all in an effort to promote and expand your reach.

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