BAMBU offers a variety of photography and video packages for property listings and real estate investors. From day and dusk shots to strategic drone videography, we can help highlight your property to its fullest.  CONTACT US TO GET STARTED.


We provide more than just head shots.  Every agent is treated uniquely and we take each person’s personality into account when planning for a photoshoot.  The last thing you need is to look like every other agent and get lost in the mix.  We offer a variety of packages that can include indoor studio shots, outdoor locations shoots, and lifestyle photography if you want to have a little fun with it.  Contact us for details and pricing. 


It’s important that your property listing photos are on point and look amazing.  Everything from the angle, lighting and time of day is crucial and we put all of our passion and expertise into every shoot.  We offer Daytime Photos and the very popular Dusk Photos which we take during the “Golden Hour”, as the sun is setting.  Shooting at dusk is recommended most and provides the best results.  Contact us for details and pricing. 


In addition to providing the best property and agent photos in the world, we can also capture your property and even special events with a drone or in some cases, many drones.  The possibilities are endless with drone video and this type of footage will help take your listing to the next level.  Though listing services don’t allow video you can step up the game with a professional drone video edited for Instagram and your many other social media accounts.  Contact us for details and pricing. 


As a Realtor, you are your brand and more than a logo or fancy business cards, people will choose to work with you because of who you are.  Who you are can include how you look, how you act, how you appear in marketing material, and in many other ways.  Bambu can help you create a lasting brand and cultivate it to its full potential.  Contact us for details and pricing. 


We have award winning graphic designers on our team who are experts and making sure that you look amazing.  Everything from your branding, photography, and your message is brought together to produce strategic marketing pieces for print or social media.  We specialize in print design which can include business cards, postcards, direct mail marketing, billboard design, magazine ads, and large format printing.  Contact us for details and pricing. 


Social Media marketing is more than simply having an Instagram or Facebook account.  Most agents and small business owners aren’t using these tools to their full capacity, but we can help change that.  We’ll sit down with you and put together a plan as we initiate our “Jump Start” package.  We’ll walk you through 5 days of consistent social media training and provide the tools you need to keep a strong social media game.  Contact us for details and pricing. 

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Bambu is a niche service provided by the brilliant minds at Neue Creative, a Houston based branding and advertising agency.  Visit Neue Creative and see what they’re up to.